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Any time is good to start improving our daily habits. If you are looking for a way to do it comfortably, your best option will be to incorporate an activity bracelet to your day to day. This device monitors our movement and gives us results about our activity throughout the day, results such as the distance we have traveled, the calories we have burned or how is the quality of our sleep hours. Thus, we can be more aware of our habits, and control or change them when necessary. In addition, to take better control of our progress, we can compare the results over weeks and months.

There are many different models in the market, and each time they include more functions, some bracelets can even be used as hands-free. Its advantages are many and, it could be said that, in the not too distant future, they will become a device as indispensable as our Smartphone is.

Functions of activity wristbands

Although they vary depending on the model, here we present some of the general functions that you can find in the activity wristbands:

• Control your sleep: When you go to sleep, the bracelet detects your inactivity status and calculates the quantity and quality of your sleep depending on how much you move.

• Receive the notifications that arrive on your Smartphone: You can be aware of your messages and calls without having to take your mobile phone out of your pocket.

• Complement: There are so many models that you can choose the one that best suits your style and use it, as well as an activity monitor, as a complement to your wrist.

• Clock: You can control the time or activate the stopwatch function.

• Heart Rate Monitor: They measure your heart rate in a traditional way (they connect to a thoracic band) or with optical sensors. This last option is less precise than the first, but the difference is very small and they are more comfortable.

• Silent alarm clock: They wake you up with vibrations, thus preventing your partner from waking up.

• Hands-free: Some models have hands-free, making your calls more comfortable.

• It also allows you to record the steps we take during the day and the calories we consume.

These are just some of the features of the activity monitors, but as we mentioned earlier, there are more and more complete.

How to choose an activity bracelet

Here are some things to keep in mind when buying an activity bracelet:

• Use that you are going to give it: If you only want it to control the exercise you do and / or you are going to use it little, a bracelet with few functions will be more suited to your needs. While, if you want to enjoy all the benefits of these activity monitors and include them in your life one hundred percent, you will choose the most complete one.

• Value for money: We recommend finding the perfect balance between a bracelet with many applications and whose price fits your pocket.

• Model: Choose a model that you like and that fits your style, as well as being versatile so you can take it to any event.

• Quality: It is very important to choose a quality bracelet that monitors your activity well, so that you obtain the most accurate results to have a real control of your habits.

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