Air Intakes

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Air intakes or air scoops are used to allow the entry of wind and thus to provide the engine of your car cooling. Air intakes play an important role, especially in high-performance engines. Nevertheless, air scoops are mostly used in tuning, as they look visually appealing and give the car a special look. The American muscle cars of the 1960s were the first to have an air intake; Today, a functional scoop is rather rare - and if it does, then in a top-of-the-range SUV.

How does an air intake work?

If you are only concerned with optics, one thing is clear: every air scoop that looks good fits! The fact that an air intake can also improve the performance of your car is a fact. A functional air scoop adds extra air to the engine through a tube and hose system. This improves the work of the engine and gets your car going.

How to choose a suitable air intake?

- What should the air intake do? Most air scoops that are offered in the market today, serve the visual enhancement of your car. Functionally, these hoods are not, because they offer no performance, but they can do one thing quite well: air intakes ensure that your car looks distinctive and appealing. - Where should the air scoop be mounted? The air intake is usually on the hood of the car. But even on the roof makes an air scoop well. Most air intakes are universal models.