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Inflatable buoys and mattresses

Inflatable buoys and mattresses are essential accessories for having a good time by the pool, at the sea or in a lake. Having fun in the water requires specific games such as mattresses or animal shaped buoys.

Why buy an inflatable buoy or mattress?

A good inflatable buoy, such as an armband, can be a safe asset for children who start the nationa. An inflatable animal-shaped buoy can be an ideal accessory to give a good mood during swimming.

Like buoys, mattresses allow young and old alike to fully enjoy the joys of water. These inflatable mattresses can also bring a friendly touch to your pool.

Buy a buoy or mattress?

When it comes to choosing a buoy or an inflatable mattress, there is only the embarrassment of choice! There is something for all ages, colors, shapes and sizes. This ranges from the inflatable baby seat and seat to the giant unicorn buoy for older children. They will appreciate inflatable mattresses, turtle shaped or lobster, to ride to cheer up their games.