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Alarms for the house to avoid intrusions

The first evidence of the existence of alarms for the house go back to the fourth century BC Legend has it that geese, giving the alert in the middle of the night, thwarted the plans of Gauls who sought to attack the Romans confined in a fortress on the Capitol. Today, much more advanced electronic systems exist. Door and window alarms that sound during an intrusion, the wireless motion detector, outdoor sirens, or camera-related home alarms are some of the most common security systems. Powered by a remote control, a code or a GSM application, coupled with home automation systems, they adapt to your needs. You manage only alerts and monitoring or you are supported by a video surveillance service provided by an external company.

What alarm for a detached house?

Are you living in a terraced house? Opt for motion detectors to fix on the outside. Linked to a central station inside, they trigger a ring when an unwanted visitor comes. When living in a remote area, prefer a more complex system consisting of a control panel and alarms for doors and windows that will deter burglars.

How to choose a house alarm?

- For a house under construction, prefer a wired security system. You can integrate it directly into your walls and connect it to the electrical network of your home.

- For an apartment or if you are a tenant, rely on alarms for home wireless, more suitable. You install them yourself and can take them away when you move.

- When you own animals, choose a security system adapted to their presence. This will prevent the triggering of the siren as soon as your cat returns from his nocturnal walk.