Alcohol Testers

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Driving or doing many other actions under the influence of alcohol is not only prohibited, it is extremely dangerous for you and those around you. However, on some occasions, it is difficult to know if we are free from its influence. To be sure, it is best to always carry a breathalyzer. These devices, many of which have a pocket or keychain format, allow us to quantify the amount of alcohol in the air we possess. Undoubtedly, safety elements that, like the replaceable nozzles, which guarantee a correct hygiene in the use of the device, the reflective vests and the deflectors for the headlights, are essential in your vehicle.

Are pocket breathalyzers reliable?

The answer is yes. In fact, they work exactly like the larger breathalyzer used by the official authorities of each country when carrying out the breathalyzer test for drivers. Obviously, in most cases, they are not so sophisticated, so you have to always understand the results offered as an approximation to reality. In any case, they are very useful to determine if the established limits are exceeded or not.

How to choose a breathalyzer?

- Pocket or keychain? In general, the larger the size of the breathalyzer, the more accurate it will be. Likewise, the price is also another indicator of its reliability. You have to find the balance between this factor and its versatility.

- Try to have interchangeable nozzles. In this way, several people can use the breathalyzer without compromising hygiene and sanitation.

- It must be universal. Thanks to this feature, nozzles manufactured even by a different brand of the device will serve you.