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Multifunction printers: an all in one for your work

Multifunction printers are essential devices for all those who need, for work or study purposes, to print and scan documents with assiduity. In fact, these teams have, on the one hand, a printer, which can work from laser technology or black and color ink, and a scanner, as well as other additional elements such as, for example, readers of SD cards, USB ports, etc. Thanks to all these features, they can operate with both text and image documents without any problem, and even without necessarily being connected to a computer. They also complement each other perfectly with relief engravers and photo printers. In addition, if necessary, they are easily protected by moisture-resistant nylon boxes.

What are multifunction printers? What multifunction printers to buy?

Fundamentally, a multifunction printer is a device derived from traditional laser or ink printers to which, in addition, peripherals integrated into its structure have been added such as, for example, scanners, SD card readers, USB ports, drawers of paper, etc. In addition, they have control panels from which to carry out any desired action. In this way, they can be described as an "all in one" similar to that of large photocopiers and printers that, traditionally, could only be found in stationery stores, copy shops or printing houses.

This second question depends, solely and exclusively, on your needs. First, you have to choose between a laser or an ink. The cartridges of the first ones are quite more expensive than the ones of the second ones, but they also allow to make a greater number of copies. In fact, if what you need is to print a large amount of documents and color is not a matter of relevance to you, these are the most appropriate. On the other hand, if you do not make as much use of them and, in addition, focus your impressions in photography and graphic design, decide for the ink ones. The results are better.

How to choose multifunction printers?

- The more benefits, the better. Do not limit yourself to buying a model with a printer or scanner function. There are several models that have other peripherals capable of providing additional options that, although now you do not need, you can certainly amortize in the future.

- Verify that you have WiFi connectivity. If you choose a model that can be connected to the internet, you can program it to make impressions at a certain time or send orders from your own mobile phone or another computer. In this way, you will gain in comfort and efficiency.

- Make sure you have an electronic display. Thanks to this feature you can control all the parameters related to the operation of the printer without necessarily connecting it to a computer. This will give you more possibilities of use.

- Ink or laser? If you usually print text documents and do not need to use too many colors, opt for laser. If not, those that work with ink will be more profitable. In addition, the cartridges are much cheaper.

- Look at the quality of the print. These printers usually offer a certain level of detail and sharpness when making prints. Check this aspect in the product data sheet. The bigger it is, the better it will come when it comes to drawing on paper drawings, photographs and complex designs.