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In the past, women's aprons were essential pieces of fabric for women's clothing: ornaments, they were even part of the wedding trousseau for girls. Protections for cooking, gardening and DIY, they are now the support of all fantasies. We appreciate their solidity and their pockets that make them the perfect companions. They adorn themselves with different materials: textile, plastic, leather, to avoid soiling. Young and old use their services for both leisure and work. No question of neglecting their appearance that can be wise or frankly original. And nothing forbids to collect them to fit your desires or mood. The only watchword: to have fun.

Which aprons for which activities?

In the kitchen, one favors models with bib that preserve spatters. The integral coat is also a good solution. They are chosen with fun inscriptions and prints, unless you want to play the great chefs. In this case, prefer plain, black, navy or even white models. For the garden, we elect waterproof aprons, with a multitude of pockets to store your accessories. As for creative hobbies, oilcloth protections are ideal. For activities involving for example welding, opt for a leather apron.

How to choose your apron for the kitchen?

- It must be washable at high temperatures because of stains.

- The links will have to be long enough for knotting at the waist.

- Well enveloping, it will protect you better.
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