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The right arrows are crucial for every archer

The bow is today a sophisticated precision sports equipment. But even the shooting technique can be so well - if the quality of the arrows is not good, no satisfactory hit is possible. The material and the weight of the bow arrows play an important role. Likewise, spine value and fletching are critical in choosing the right arrow.

The evolution of the bow arrows

From time to time, arrows and their bows play an important role in people's lives. Originally, arrowheads were made of flint more than 14,000 years ago. What was then invented as a direct hunting weapon developed over the years into a ranged weapon. With the use of bow and arrow, the armed conflicts of the peoples changed. Today the archery arrows of the marksmen aim only at targets. The precision sport is divided into several sub-disciplines, including shooting with long, compound and recurve bows. Especially the traditional archery enjoys today again increasing popularity.

Only with the right length can an arrow hit exactly

Ideally, the arrows are each tailored to the individual shooters - because the length is usually based on the distance between the outstretched arm and pulling hand. The bow should be fully extended to the chin. In order to determine the perfect length of the archery arrows, two centimeters of bearing area of ​​the arrows are added to this measure. Usually, the length of a sports arrow is given in inches, therefore, at this point, the total size in inches must be converted. Now the shooter has the ideal length for his arrow.

What is an arrow made of?

Depending on the type of archery different materials are used in the construction of the arrows. The original, oldest archery arrows are made of wood. They are often used on traditional tournaments or medieval markets. Often arrows are offered with shafts made of fiberglass. These have the advantage that they are particularly suitable for beginners and children. Due to its extremely good durability and its high penetration, this material forgives sometimes the impact on a harder ground. Also, the tip and the fletching of the fiberglass arrows can be easily replaced if damaged. Due to the robust design of these bullets are made of this material for competitive sports less suitable, but excellent as a low-cost entry-level arrows.

Another popular material is aluminum. These arrows shoot particularly straight and score with an excellent weight tolerance, but are sometimes qualitatively not comparable to the carbon arrows. The weight of the aluminum arrows is a small drawback. By contrast, the arrows made of carbon are extremely light. They have a good shelf life and are suitable for shooting in all bow classes. The advantages of these two materials can be found in the aluminum-carbon arrows again. The outstanding features are combined here in first-class bow arrows. Aluminum is used as material in the shaft, which is wrapped with a carbon layer. These arrows are less sensitive to wind and forgive even small mistakes. You can fly straight longer, making them essential companions for competitive athletes.

What the archer should still know about the perfect arrow

To find the right archery arrows, the weight should be considered. In this case, the arrowhead is often crucial, because this determines the reaction of the shaft. Likewise, the so-called spin value is a criterion that shooters have to consider. He states the flexibility of the arrows. At best, the individual spin value of the individual shooter is calculated. When, finally, the individually aligned arrow is clamped in the bow and the target is targeted, the quality of the material becomes apparent. Attention and accuracy pays off - from the selection of the right arrows to the launch. When the arrow hits the finish, it becomes clear how important the decision to buy the right bow arrows is.