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Crossbow - The sport with a long tradition

Already in the Middle Ages, crossbows were used in battles to shoot at the enemy. They were distributed throughout Europe and also in the Orient. After the triumph of firearms, they were later used mainly for hunting. Modern crossbow arches are usually made of plastic reinforced with glass or carbon fibers. Shot speed and accuracy have improved steadily and significantly since then thanks to an optimized shape. Crossbow shooting is a recognized sport that regularly hosts international competitions. A distinction is made between the normal and the field crossbow. The first one shoots at 10 and 30 m, at the latter the targets are at 35, 50 and 65 m. In German weapons law crossbows are defined as "other firearms". This means that minors are only allowed to shoot under supervision. However, an age limit does not exist. An adult does not need permission to use or buy a crossbow. Crossbow arches are also used beyond the sports area, for example to mount climbing ropes in remote areas or to erect suspension bridges.

How does a crossbow work?

The crossbow arch holds an elastic tendon taut by a restraint. When this is released, it accelerates an arrow. A special construction increases the draw weight. This means that the shooter uses the lever arm law and multiplies his power. Behind the target is a small metal plate attached, so that the shot arrow does not fall out. In the past, only bolts were used for shooting, as the shooting power would have destroyed traditional wooden arrows. Meanwhile, plastic arrows are common, which withstand the stresses. The arrows are threaded, so the tips can be replaced if necessary. However, bolts are still in use at 10 and 30 yards. The weight of a modern crossbow is between 3 and 7 kg.

How do I choose the right crossbow?

Which crossbow you need depends on your purpose and experience as a shooter. For children and teens, there are special crossbow models that are lighter and easier to use. The following different versions exist: recurve or compound. This is the fundamental distinction among crossbow models. Compound Crossbows have two small rolls of various sizes on each end of the bow, on which cables are wound. By means of the lever law, a reduction in train is achieved. This means that you have to use less force with each shot. In a recurve crossbow, the bow ends are curved, which provides additional shooting power. Recurve crossbows are heavier in weight than compound crossbows of the same category, but maintenance is easier. As far as the materials are concerned, some parts, such as the arrow guide rail or the extraction unit, can be made of plastic or metal. Generally, metal offers a longer shelf life. Another useful component is the tensioning aid. Because of your safety and for a higher shooting accuracy, you as a beginner should pay attention to a bow with tensioning aid. If there is exercise, it can be dispensed with in simpler models. For heavy models, a crank or winch is used as a tensioning aid. It should also be noted whether a riflescope is available. Some models are built without a riflescope. With a rifle scope, however, you can better visualize your destination.