Artificial Flowers

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In paper, plastic or gold-plated, the artificial flowers display shimmering colors throughout the year. Without requiring any particular maintenance, they bring a touch of softness inside and outside. With them, no more petals that fall, nor pollen that tickles the nostrils and cause allergies.

What to do with artificial flowers?

It is possible to create beautiful realistic compositions using delicate silk flowers or even plastic. According to your tastes and desires of the moment, choose different varieties to arrange them in a vase and create an artificial bouquet worthy of a florist. The realism of a plastic flower is sometimes bluffing and these artificial plants are not limited to the decoration of the house. You can also use them to brighten up a venue at an event or ceremony. As part of a wedding, arranging some silk flowers on the tables of the guests helps, for example, to create a warm and refined atmosphere during the meal.

How to choose your flowers silk or plastic?

- Make sure that the dimensions of the stems correspond to the vase in which you plan to place the flowers.

- Favor durable materials that will allow you to reuse your flower arrangements in other circumstances.

- Mix the colors and varieties, as a florist would, to create an attractive artificial bouquet.