Artificial Mixed Floral Arrangements

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The flowers are an excellent piece of furniture to illuminate and give color to any room in the home. The compositions and floral decorations are therefore the ideal solution to create personalized centerpieces.

Those who want to save and create colorful and fragrant compositions by themselves, giving vent to their imagination, can create unique combinations. If you want the compositions to last longer, you can opt for artificial flowers that, despite not having the same quality as fresh flowers, are an excellent alternative. In fact, they will allow you to create multiple combinations with reproductions of your favorite flowers, without having to buy fresh ones often.

How to create DIY flower arrangements

To create visually harmonious and correct DIY floral arrangements it is advisable to follow some tricks.

One of the first factors to consider when creating a composition is to make sure it is proportionate. It is advisable to always combine flowers of similar sizes, trying to balance the presence of green: this includes leaves and twigs that go to create the background of the composition itself. It is also important to pay attention to the combination of colors, combining flowers close together on the chromatic scale, such as pink, red, yellow and orange; those who want to experiment can also try to combine contrasting colors, still trying to create a final unit.

To create a harmonious composition it is also advisable to combine forms of contrasting flowers, such as elongated flowers with round and oval-shaped flowers; the same applies to the fabric of the flowers, thus combining petals and glossy leaves with some velvety. This will give movement and character to the creation.

Once you have chosen the vase or basket to insert the flowers, you need to insert the appropriate sponge inside, which will allow you to distribute the flowers in a balanced way; this can be hidden with fake moss or pebbles.

To make the composition more real, you can also distribute drops of perfumed essence on the flower petals.

How to create a floral composition of different shapes

The floral compositions are centerpieces ideal for special occasions or to give character to a room. You can also make DIY compositions of different shapes, such as heart, pyramid or cylindrical.

To make them you will need a sponge for florists, where the flowers are inserted, whose size will coincide with that of the final composition; once the shape to be made has been selected, the sponge must then be cut following the same pattern. The sponge must then be wetted, making sure it absorbs as much water as possible; it is then necessary to completely cover it with some film.

Once you have selected the flowers with which to make the composition, it is advisable to cut the stems about 5 centimeters from the stems, then proceed to insert them deep into the sponge. It is advisable to arrange the flowers so that they are equidistant from each other, without leaving too much space or overlapping each other. To create a balanced composition it is advisable to insert the flowers starting from the edge and continuing concentrically to the center of the shape.

Roses are particularly suitable for this type of composition, but you can select any type of flower as you wish, avoiding those that are too small.

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