Automatic Coffee Machines

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The coffee is the subject of a real ritual at home as in the office: it accompanies and promotes the early morning awakening, it creates a certain conviviality between colleagues at a meeting, it punctuates in a tasty way a lunch or dinner with friends. Italian coffee maker, piston, pods, capsules, semi-automatic machine or automatic espresso machine: the ways to make coffee are multiple and meet all tastes and lifestyles. Professional-grade automatic coffee machines are dethroning today's manual coffee makers.

What is the difference between a manual coffee machine and an automatic?

Fans of manual coffee machines, such as the Italian coffee maker or the piston coffee machine, are formal: nothing beats the charm of the traditional and the taste of a coffee made by hand. Side aromas, it is indeed possible, by manually dosing the coffee, to adapt to the preferences of each one and to obtain a drink more or less tight. It is, however, very risky to embark on the realization of a cappuccino with a manual machine. As for the automatic coffee machine, it is ideal for preparing delicious and varied drinks effortlessly: full-bodied coffee, latte coffee, cappuccino or hot chocolate. Very simple to use and relatively compact, these coffee makers are true technology concentrates that serve you quality drinks in seconds. A time saver and a treat to wake up on the right foot every morning. Although automatic coffee machines are the most expensive to buy, they are very robust and are, in the long term, a much better solution than pod or capsule machines. Not to mention that they allow you to use the coffee of your choice, which will be ground freshly thanks to the integrated automatic grinder.

How to choose an automatic coffee machine?

- Choose an automatic coffee machine adapted to your consumption: an automatic espresso machine with 1 or 2 cups will be enough to prepare the small coffee of one to two people early in the morning, while a model of filter machine with a pourer a large capacity will be more suitable for the office or sports club.

- Compare the accessories supplied with the appliance, such as the cappuccino steam nozzle, the heating system, or the electronic programming controls.

- Bet on a silent coffee bean crusher if the machine is destined to be used very early in the morning, and compare the preparation times: the start of the mechanism and the rinsing of the circuits can lengthen the waiting time of your beverage.

- Check the electrical power of the device and opt for a portable mini espresso machine for your travels: it fits in the palm of the hand and requires no batteries or electricity.

- Before buying, be sure to check the ease and frequency of maintenance of the machine, which will ensure its proper operation and longevity.