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When you decide to spend some time in nature, whether camping in the mountains or near the beach, one of the main problems arises when preparing hot meals. If you do not want to constantly resort to snacks, and you will not have the chance to go to a coffee shop for a drink or hot snack, you will need a portable camping stove.

What portable camping stove to buy?

When choosing your camping stove you should take into account:

• Combustion mode: The gas burner is one of the most popular options, as it stains less than others in liquid state, and provides a stable and adjustable flame so that it allows you to cook comfortably. In addition, the smell of combustionar is very light, not adhering to food. However, you can also find stoves that use alcohol or solid fuel pellets.

• Base: Try to be stable and solid so that you can place the kitchen utensils on it safely.

• Weight: Being a portable object, you will have to find the balance between a weight that is comfortable to transport and that, at the same time, offers stability and resistance to the stove when you put utensils to heat food.

• Flame dispersion: The smaller the perimeter where the flame comes from, the more concentrated the flame will be and the greater the resistance to shutdown. To reinforce the resistance of the flame you can buy stoves with built-in windshields or buy one that you can attach.

• Size: Make sure that your portable stove is not too big, so that it is easy to place and transport in your backpack.
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