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Storage space is an important aspect in the kitchen. Especially with smaller rooms you want to effectively create space to stow pots, pans and dishes quickly and easily. Kitchen shelves in various shapes and sizes are particularly well suited.

Which kitchen shelf can it be?

If you have decided to install a shelf in your kitchen, there are a few factors that you should keep in mind.

• Kitchen shelves are available for attachment to the wall or as a standing shelf. Both can be useful; however, it depends on the structure and layout of your kitchen. Think carefully about where it makes sense to attach or place a shelf; Even corner shelves can be quite effective.

• What material should the kitchen shelf consist of? The choice is huge: plastic, wood and stainless steel all have their own advantages and disadvantages, which you should weigh individually.

• When placing your kitchen shelf, factors such as electrical outlets and water pipes should be considered; here it depends on where and how you attach the shelf and what you want to stow on it.

• Accurately measure the place where you want to attach or place your kitchen shelf.

Special models for different purposes

Of course there are kitchen shelves that are particularly suitable for one or the other purpose. Spice racks, for example, save space and are designed so that spice jars fit in perfectly. How to use the space optimally. Depending on how many spices you want to store in your kitchen, these kitchen shelves are available in one or more rows.

Also niche shelves are extremely practical if you really want to use every opportunity for storage space. Small bottles or other flat foods can be stored in them perfectly and quickly reached. How to use every corner of your kitchen effectively!
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