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Bike without pedals: fun and ergonomics for budding cyclists

A famous saying reminds us: the technique for riding a bicycle, once learned, is no longer forgotten. But how can you teach your child quickly and easily? A very practical solution is to copy the inhabitants of Northern Europe, training aspiring cyclists with bikes without pedals. Fun and suitable even for very small children, the so-called balance bikes will also amuse your treasure, which will learn in a short time the love for two wheels.

Because the bike without pedals is suitable for the little ones

There are a thousand reasons why you should consider cycling without pedals. First of all, by using it, your child will learn to balance extremely naturally, gradually moving from feet with feet on the ground to their sprinting. Secondly, it will be able to develop motor skills in complete autonomy and, not needing to be pushed or pulled, will gain more confidence in itself and in its own abilities. In addition, these vehicles accelerate thanks to racing and kicking and, never reaching excessive and dangerous speeds, allow users to always feel safe. Also for this reason, your baby will not struggle to become familiar with the new bike that, if equipped with handlebars and adjustable seats, will grow with him, accompanying him in the most carefree hours.

How to choose the bike without pedals

- Take into account the age recommended by the producers

- If you want it to last over time, select products that can be transformed from tricycles to bikes or, anyway, adjustable in height

- For maximum convenience, opt for models that are easily cleaned and mounted without the aid of tools

- If you love natural materials, choose bikes without pedals in pure wood, resistant and ecological

- Conquer the kids with imaginative designs, like those inspired by the world of comics

- Even if you decide for a model with brakes, remember to equip your child with the appropriate helmet