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The ball pool is an irresistible entertainment for children. The varied colors of the balls, their shape (which they automatically associate with the game) and the possibility of throwing them, collecting them or diving into that sea of ​​stimuli, make the little one feel irremediably attracted to it.

What is a ball pool for?

In addition to being a very entertaining toy, a park of balls helps the child to sharpen their senses, to improve their spatial orientation, their eye-hand coordination and learn to differentiate colors. It is also an ideal space for you to interact with other children of your age, which will help you develop your social skills, learn to share, and strengthen your self-esteem. Finally, to play in this space, you will have to exercise almost all the muscles, which will be very useful for your physical development.

How do I choose the right ball pool?

So that your child's experience in the ball pool is completely satisfactory, you must take into account the following criteria:

• Safety: make sure that the materials are soft, that there are no spikes that can cause injuries to the child and that the balls are not too hard.

• Age: pay attention to the manufacturer's age recommendations.

• Size: take into account both the space you have at home and the size of your child. There are parks of different dimensions that will adapt to your needs.

• Simple assembly: although it is a toy more bulky than normal, there are deployable models designed especially to be picked up quickly, a good option if you do not want to have it permanently occupying space.
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