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A custom barbecue

Coal, gas or electricity, the barbecue has today become an institution, including if you live in an apartment. Large airy spaces or small extra kitchens, grilled meats or vegetables can be enjoyed even indoors. Fixed, table, outdoor or grancha, barbecues will adapt to your cooking habits, small committee or family reunion.

For all fuels

Before choosing a barbecue, ask yourself the right questions. Do you plan to grill your sausages indoors all winter long or do you prefer an outdoor charcoal grill? Connected to a small gas cylinder or to connect directly to the mains? Think about the convenience of barbecues that can be moved easily or models that offer practical storage solutions. Depending on your diet, you will prefer more compact models, table, designed to cook kebabs of all kinds or larger templates to which you can add pins to roast large pieces in your fireplace or on your table. barbecue over a wood fire in the middle of the garden. Pro, special pizza, recessed or for outdoor kitchens, there is also a wide range of accessories such as covers for winter protection. Finally, there are models of transportable barbecues to which you can add adapted kitchen utensils, insulated bags to take your food everywhere or picnic dishes for all styles.

How to choose a barbecue?

  • Fuel will be your first criterion. Coal, electricity, gas or wood all offer different flavors.
  • Your eating habits are paramount to choosing a barbecue. Vegetarian burger or mixed meat skewers?
  • Between stainless steel, stone, enamelled steel or cast iron, the materials will play on the strength of your barbecue in the long run.
  • For compact or transportable models, evaluate the need for a lid.
  • The ease of maintenance, storage and other practical solutions should put you in the ear.
  • Don't forget the value for money based on all these criteria that will offer you a truly custom barbecue.
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