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You enter the bar, you look around and there are the classic bar stools lined up in front of the bar, splurging style and interpreting their role as silent listeners of a thousand life stories. These stylized stools have also gained their place in the home, and with their presence they enhance modern kitchens, in which a fun bar for breakfast has been defined, and in the bars of the houses of those who love to organize meetings with friends and family.

Actually, in any kitchen or small corner bar in the living room you can put bar stools, as they add style and charm. You find them in different heights and designs, even with their adjustable height. The contemporary decoration, more daring and flexible than that of yesteryear, has discovered other uses, novel and practical, for bar stools, which have thus acquired a prominent role in different spaces.

What is a bar stool?

The bar stools, seats so humble in their origin, are today essential decorative elements in any local hospitality. They stand out in bars, restaurants, pubs, discos and, even, in those chic beach bars that are set up on the glamorous coasts. These seats have the function of allowing diners to sit in front of a bar or a high table, to enjoy drinks and snacks, while adding their current appeal to the decoration of the place. In the home, in addition to placing bar stools in the kitchen and in a bar area, you can put them in a corner of the living room or the hall, in the role of auxiliary tables, and also turn them into bedside tables, mainly in the styles Nordic and minimalist.

Currently, restoration is given greater importance to bar stools than to chairs, since they can completely renew the visual appearance of the premises, giving it a personalized appearance. At home, it is better to place bar stools with three or four legs, as they are more stable and recommended when there are children. The ones with a single central leg are fantastic for designing an individual corner for breakfast, in front of a window and a bar style table attached to the wall. You will always find bar stools that harmonize with your favorite decorative style, since there are retro, vintage, classic, modern, rustic, industrial or minimalist design. And more.

How to choose bar stools?

- The main rule to follow when choosing bar stools is based on the quality of the combination of style, comfort and height. This last aspect does not count if you prefer stools with adjustable height.

- If you decide to decorate a rustic space with bar stools, look for yours among the wooden designs. The simplest ones even have the wooden seat in sight. Other more elaborate options have upholstered or carded seats, and you must combine them with the chairs and / or armchairs of the environment.

- In the office you can design a corner with charm using a small, tall and elegant table, and two upholstered bar stools, adjustable height and with its chrome central leg. This corner will transmit warmth and will give a very welcoming appearance to the environment.