Basketball Shoes

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Basketball shoes: make the most of your favorite sport

The basketball shoes are specially designed to practice this sport. In fact, they have tall canes that protect the joints of the ankles, something vital in this discipline, as well as soles that stand out for their capacity of cushioning and that allow to optimize each jump. Undoubtedly, a very comfortable type of footwear that will allow you to squeeze on the court and show that you are a great player.

How to wash basketball shoes?

The basketball shoes, to be kept in perfect condition both aesthetically and functionally, should be carefully cleaned. In this sense, many of them allow to be washed by machine, so if you choose a model that offers this possibility, you will only have to put it in the washing machine so that they come out as new. However, others can not be cleaned like this. In these cases, with respect to the sole, it is best to use a pointed object to remove dirt from the reliefs. Similarly, it is also advisable to use a dry cleaning product to leave the shoes as new.

How to choose basketball shoes?

- Try to always be high cane. In this way, you will ensure that your ankles are perfectly protected from sprains, injuries that are very common in this sport.

- Check the deep reliefs on the sole. The parquet, material with which the floor of the basketball courts is manufactured, has little adherence. Therefore, to ensure traction in it, it is essential that the reliefs are quite deep.

- Verify that they are made from breathable fabrics. This will prevent the accumulation of bad odors due to sweat.

- Verify its great cushioning. The greater the degree of cushioning of the sole, the less your joints will suffer in each jump and, in addition, the more power you can enjoy.