Bath Linen

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The bathroom is one of the domestic spaces where you spend more time: dedicated to personal care, cleansing and carrying out daily hygienic activities, it needs to be furnished and equipped with all the necessary tools to create a practical and functional environment.

Among the accessories dedicated to body care, an important part is played by the bathroom linen: towels, linen sets, dressing gowns and bathrobes are essential accessories, at home or on vacation, to choose with care and taste to fully satisfy all needs.

How to choose the bathroom linen

Providing the bathroom with the most suitable linen means starting from the most used item: the towel. In various sizes it helps take care of the face, the private parts or the whole body. Terry towels, microfibre or innovative technical materials, help to wrap every part of the body immediately after a bath or shower and you can buy them individually depending on the size you need or in practical sets that cover all tasks.

Instead, bathrobes are useful to replace large towels in the next or pre-shower time, as well as a dressing gown to use while taking care of yourself in moments of relaxation. However, for this purpose, the dressing gowns represent a version in materials not suitable for drying but to dress the moments to spend in domestic spaces or even on vacation.

Decorations, colors, brands and shapes of all types make up the bathroom linen for the needs of all ages, ideal as a gift, as a support for a new home or to revive your bathroom with different and innovative styles.