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In everyday personal hygiene, it is not entirely avoidable to produce waste. Cotton pads, packaging, soap residue and other things should be disposed of hygienically right on the spot. For this, in most cases, a small cosmetic bucket, which is provided with a well-closing lid is sufficient. The bathroom accessories manufacturers offer numerous attractive models that perfectly match the current collections. If you are looking for a timeless product, you will find appealing cosmetic buckets with a simple design, which is limited to the essential functions. There are bath tubs of plastic, metal, glass and natural materials. They are placed on the ground, can be placed on the washbasin or elegantly mounted on the wall.

Where should a cosmetic bucket be placed?

Put a cosmetic bucket where you want to collect the waste directly. A good place is right next to the sink or the mirror. If the toilet is in a separate room, you should also put a cosmetic bucket here. The small bucket can provide order next to a make-up table or in a locker room. He fits unobtrusively in the corner of a wardrobe or in the bedroom under the bedside table. In public facilities, you can use larger models with a high capacity if the sanitary facilities are frequented by many visitors. To facilitate cleaning and emptying, use appropriate trash bags that are placed in the pails.

How to choose the right cosmetic bucket

- Where is the cosmetic bucket set up? Think about the room in which you want to use the cosmetic bucket. Which colors prevail there and do you already own other bathroom accessories from a certain collection? Measure the stand when it is very narrow. Also note the height of the bucket with the lid closed and open. Bear in mind that you want to get to the opening as easily as possible later.

- How big should the capacity be? There are cosmetic buckets with one or more liters capacity. The very small models fit well on a make-up table. Order matching trash bags when you get basic equipment for your new home.

- Do you prefer a specific material? Cosmetic buckets made of metal are virtually indestructible. They can be painted in bright colors. Stainless steel is usually offered without a coating. The chic silver color fits almost all furnishing styles. Plastic buckets are light and often very cheap. The bright colors stay beautiful for a long time and go very well with the current designs for hooks, cups and soap trays.

- Should the bucket have a lid? With a lid unpleasant odors are prevented. Flying insects can not use the cosmetic bucket as a breeding ground and it saves the sight of used cosmetics. There are cosmetic buckets with swing lid, automatic folding or small filling opening. Trash cans with pedal can be opened without using the hands. This is convenient, because you do not have to bend down, and hygienic, because you do not touch the lid with your hands.

- Will the waste bin be on the table or on the floor? Buy a small cosmetic bucket if you want to place it on the vanity. There are pretty models in extraordinary shapes that look very decorative. Floor buckets can be bigger. Here are models from five liters a good choice.