Bathroom Cabinets

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Bathroom cabinets - the right one for every bathroom and every taste

Above all, bathroom cabinets should be practical and provide space for all the bathroom utensils to be stowed away, such as towels, cosmetics and a hair dryer. On the other hand, they should fit perfectly with the interior of the bathroom and have a beautiful design.

Which material is suitable for bathroom cabinets?

Bathroom cabinets should combine a beautiful look with high functionality and robustness. Water and a humid climate must not attack the material of the cabinets. Medical and mirror cabinets are usually made of shiny stainless steel and combined with details made of glass. Naturalness and coziness are brought to life with bathroom cabinets made of bamboo. Bamboo is also used to the warm, humid climate and thus neither expands nor becomes fragile.

How to choose the right bathroom cabinets?

- Bathrooms are often quite small, narrow or angular, so the bathroom cabinet must be adapted to the conditions of the room in the first place.

- Corners and wall projections are best used with narrow, high cabinets. Here you can for example by a mirroring make the room seem larger, but of course towels and Co. discreetly stowed.

- Under the sink you can use the free space best with low or hanging cabinets. They usually offer a lot of storage space and are therefore very practical.

- Above the sink mirror cabinets are usually applied for makeup and styling and storage of cosmetic products.