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When about 40 years ago the first mirror cabinets were sold, nobody suspected that this piece of furniture would even become an indispensable part of almost any bathroom. At that time they were still called toilet closets, were rather inconspicuous, mostly white, made of sturdy plastic and purely based on practical utility. There were not many different models - in contrast to today, where you have the choice among so many variants, that you have to know when buying relatively exactly what you want.

Should it be a classic cabinet with three doors? Or rather a modern model with only one door and extravagant design? Do I want an elegant, but also expensive model made of fine aluminum? Or do I stay with the inexpensive mirror cabinet made of plastic? And which lighting is important to me? Should she just be functional, or serve as an atmospheric, yet decent background for relaxed hours in the bathtub?

The mirror cabinet - a miracle of versatility

It is no wonder that mirrored cabinets have been among the most popular bathroom furniture in decades, as they kill several birds with one stone. Behind the mirrored facade hides a practical shelf, in which you usually get over much more than you suspect at first glance. Close the doors, and already tubes, jars, razors, toothbrush, comb, hair dryer, medicines and much more disappeared from view. This creates order and also makes cleaning easier. In addition, the modern mirror cabinet almost always has a socket and its own lighting. Perfect for blow-drying, shaving, applying make-up, applying face mask, plucking eyebrows and whatever else you do in front of the mirror.

How do I find my perfect mirror cabinet?

The offer is great - so you are spoiled for choice. Pay attention to quality, because your mirror cabinet has a lot to endure. He must defy the moisture in the bathroom, is opened and closed several times a day, should hold for a while and look chic. To blend perfectly with your surroundings, ideally choose the material and color that best suits your existing bathroom equipment. As material u.a. Aluminum, wood or plastic to choose from.

Be sure to adjust the size and shape of the model to match the size of your bath and sink so that the overall proportions are correct. As a rule of thumb, the mirror cabinet should not be wider than the sink or washbasin cabinet. The equipment with LED, incandescent or halogen spots is not only practical, but also so refined that it contributes significantly to the design of the cabinet. It ranges from classic-cool to romantic and offers something for every taste.

Also in the equipment a lot has been added in recent years. In addition to the already mentioned socket, there are now even mirror cabinets with integrated radio. And different models not only have doors, but also drawers. Buying the right bathroom mirror cabinet can be a real challenge!

How to install your mirror cabinet correctly

Once you have found your perfect model, the next question arises: In what height do I attach the good piece? Logically, this of course depends on the height of the people who use the mirror cabinet. But what to do when dad is almost two meters tall and mom a head shorter? No problem! Hang the cabinet so that its bottom edge is about 120 cm above the floor. Most of the models are high enough to provide enough room for tall and small people up and down, and even offspring can still watch their teeth brushing as they stand on a stool.
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