Bathroom Mirrors

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Let's be more or less vain, we all need at some point to have a mirror nearby. Whether for makeup, combing or shaving, having a mirror in the bathroom is essential. In addition, the mirrors play an important role as a decorative element, as they provide amplitude and help define the style of your bathroom.

Types of bathroom mirrors

We will find different formats of bathroom mirrors:

• Fixed wall mirrors: These are the larger ones, so they allow a much wider field of vision. They are usually located on the sink and we can install them in different ways. The most common is that they are fastened to the wall by hooks or clamps, although it is also possible to use adhesives, such as neutral silicone. In the case of the smaller ones, they can include suction cups to adhere them to the tiles or other mirrors.

• Mobile wall mirrors: Smaller than the previous ones, they are screwed by the base to the wall and, thanks to its extendable arm, it is possible to move them or turn them in any direction.

• Mirrors with support: They can be of medium or small size and include a base that keeps them upright on a flat surface. These allow its inclination and rotation, offering an optimal view from different angles.

• Hand mirrors: Small in size, they are especially useful when we need to observe from complicated angles, for example, if we want to see how a hairstyle has been left behind.

Why buy a magnifying mirror for the bathroom?

Auxiliary magnifying mirrors are very useful elements. Thanks to its "magnifying glass effect", they allow us to observe our expanded reflection, facilitating tasks such as makeup or facial hair removal. In this way, we can examine all the nooks and crannies of our face with total clarity, and perfect, as well, our facial care techniques.