Bathroom Shelves

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The optimization of the spaces is often entrusted to shelves and cabinets to be inserted in strategic points of the bathroom, kitchen and other rooms of the house to store objects and products of daily use. The shelves for the bathroom are the most effective way to comfortably dispose of everything necessary for personal care and maintenance, as well as organizing spaces in a functional and easy to clean way.

How to choose the shelves for the bathroom

The choice of shelves for the bathroom best suited to your needs is based on the space available, on the style of the furnishings, on the aesthetic value and obviously on personal taste.

Among the classic shelves to be affixed to the wall through the various screwing systems, anchoring or double-sided adhesive tape, there are wooden models, more delicate as far as cleaning is concerned; in glass, elegant but at the same time fragile; plexiglas and plastic, hygienic and easy to clean; iron, chromed, colored or opaque, often with a bar structure. In order for the weight of the products placed on the shelf to be supported by it, it is necessary to evaluate the material of the rods and the type of method chosen to fix the shelf to the wall or to the other surfaces of the bathroom.

There are also models of shelves with suction cup attachments, which are convenient to insert in bathtubs or shower boxes to arrange the detergents to be used during the bath.

The number of shelves and the dimensions vary according to the function and the available space: for smaller bathrooms it is ideal to opt for the so-called corner units, corner shelves that allow you to take advantage of a wall space that would otherwise be lost.