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Hardly anything is as relaxing after a long, stressful day as an extensive bath with lots of fragrant foam, a good glass of wine and soothing candlelight. Since you can really relax and forget all the problems and annoyances. You close your eyes and the world is already outside. The scents and the soft crackling of the foam soothe, and the heat releases tension and cramps. Just lovely! But the right enjoyment can only set in, if your bathtub is also perfect for you. Because a tub, in which one does not fit properly, can spoil every relaxation and every pleasure!

Bathtubs for every body size

Bathtubs are available in different versions for different requirements and of course different body sizes. No matter if it is a freestanding bathtub, corner bathtub, round bathtub or built-in bath - your body size plays a major role in the selection of the suitable model. The best way to find out if a bathtub is the right size for you is to simply put yourself in the bathtub that suits you best. If you can comfortably plunge down to your neck, move around smoothly, and the inside of the tub is wider than your shoulders, you're the right size. If you want to buy a bathtub for the whole family, of course, you should orientate yourself to the size of the longest family member. Also very popular are extra large bathtubs, which have enough space for two adults or several children. For smaller children such a tub offers special bathing fun, and the adults can spend in it romantic moments or enjoy wellness like in a professional studio - not least thanks to integrated Jacuzzi. The standard size for individual tubs is 153 x 75 cm, other available sizes range from 170 x 75 cm to 200 x 100 cm. Duo bathtubs are usually 180 x 120 cm in size, but can also be made in special sizes.

What should be considered when buying a bathtub?

In addition to choosing the right size, there are of course other factors to consider when buying bathtubs. This starts with the size of your bathroom. A huge tub does not fit into a tiny bathroom, and the layout of the room and any slants in the attic apartments may require a specific model. In addition to the optical chic quality is also in demand, after all, the good piece should last a while and be as easy as possible. The chosen material plays a big role in terms of care. Bathtubs made of natural materials such as wood or stone are much more caring and also more sensitive than models made of conventional steel enamel or modern sanitary acrylic. In addition, both style and material of bathtub and fittings should fit the already existing bathroom furnishings.

The proper care of bathtubs

For your new bathtub to be enjoyable for a long time, it must be properly maintained. If you live in a region with particularly calcareous water, you should clean your tub more often to prevent limescale. But also bath products, shampoo, skin fats and dirt leave their mark. Baths made of steel enamel and sanitary acrylic are relatively easy to care for and can withstand a lot. However, you should not touch them with the wrong care products, because their surfaces are still very sensitive. Therefore refrain from using microfiber cloths or even scourers. Use a soft sponge and regular dishwashing liquid, a mild all-purpose cleaner or a liquid detergent, and wipe the bath thoroughly once a week. If your water is heavily calcareous, you can add some vinegar or citric acid to the cleaning water. After cleaning rinse with cold water and then wipe the tub thoroughly. Treat your bathtub to the care it needs to make your life more beautiful and relaxed!