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The wheel is considered one of the most revolutionary inventions in history. But when it comes to cars or motorcycles, it could be said that the bearing, an element of tiny dimensions, but with a vital function, is one of the most important mechanical parts of every automobile. And, although the bearings are manufactured to remain active during the life of the vehicle, they can also suffer certain faults with the passage of time that require a replacement.

What is a bearing?

It is a mechanical part patented by the Swedish engineer Sven Gustav Wingqvist in 1906. A bearing is, in general terms, a type of bearing that is dedicated to reducing the friction between an axle and the parts that are connected to it. That is, its main objective is to transfer movement to the wheels of the vehicle, ensuring an optimal rotation of these. The most common varieties of the piece are: roller bearings, ball bearings or needle roller bearings.

How do I know if my bearing needs to be changed?

One of the most obvious symptoms that will tell us if our bearing is in poor condition will be noise. In the event that you detect a kind of buzz coming from one of your wheels when your vehicle is traveling at more than 50km per hour, it is very likely that it is due to a defective bearing. Also, you must ensure that it is not a deformation of your tires, or poor suspension and alignment of your wheels, as this can have similar symptoms. If you are convinced that the problem lies in the bearings, proceed to change them as soon as possible, as the bearing could break and bring serious consequences.