Bed Bases

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What is a bed base?

To sleep well, it is essential to choose a mattress and a box spring perfectly adapted to each other. It should be noted that these essential bedding multiply sleeping comfort and determine the quality of support of the spine. During sleep, the mattress absorbs two thirds of nocturnal movements, while the mattress supports one third of the pressure exerted on the mattress. But far from being content with only maintaining the spine flat, the bed frame also promotes the ventilation of the mattress, preventing it from retaining moisture and extending its life. For example, a quality adult bed frame increases the longevity of a mattress, while ensuring a pleasant and restful sleep. But the opposite is true too. Indeed, a new mattress on a bed base two people in poor condition will lose most of its qualities of comfort and support. Be aware that a used bed base can not only promote the settling of the mattress and deform, but also remove the independence of sleeping. In short, if you do not want to lose the benefit of new bedding, it is essential to change at the same time your mattress and your box spring.

What are the types of bed rails for adults?

In addition to bedding adapted to your body type, it is essential to choose a bed base two people able to support your mattress according to your needs. For adults, there are many models, slats, springs, upholsterers, as well as relaxation models. Compatible with all types of mattresses, slatted bed bases allow an optimal evacuation of the accumulated humidity during the night. Appreciated for their ability to provide excellent aeration of the mattress, these models are recommended for people with rheumatism. Typically covered with a tick, the box springs are available in three different models: classic, extra flat and bowl. Available in many colors, these bed bases for adults effectively protect the bedding. Providing progressive support with their suspension system, the box springs are mainly associated with spring mattresses. Equipped with an electric motor or manual controls, bed frames for adults with a relaxation system are recommended for people who are bedridden or suffer from back pain. Coupled with latex mattresses, HR foam (high resilience) or memory foam, these models can enjoy moments of relaxation such as reading or television.

How to choose a bed base for two people?

- Make sure that the size of the bed base for two people matches that of your mattress. To find the right dimension, count 15 to 20 cm more than the size of the largest occupant.

- Also consider its height since it will add to that of the mattress. Be aware that the height of a bed base two people can vary between 7 and 30 cm.

- Choose models with exposed slats without trim, if you have sensitive sinuses.

- Opt for a bed base equipped with a relaxation system, to be able to adjust your position as you wish and relieve your joint pain.