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Your child tends to move in his sleep and you want to protect him from possible falls? Ideal for restless sleepers, the bed rail helps maximize the safety of your toddler. Recommended when moving from crib to "big" bed, this practical accessory is generally used from 18 months.

What are the different types of bed rails?

Strong and easy to clean, the wooden or plastic bed rail is inserted on both sides of the child's bed. Equipped with an ingenious hinge system, this equipment goes with all room decorations. Perfectly suited for stays outside the house, the inflatable model consists of two long tubes. Lightweight, it slips easily between the mattress and the fitted sheet. Foldable and easily transportable, it adapts to any type of bed base. Finally, the bed barrier with net has the advantage of creating a small stable cocoon. Equipped with a safety lock in the high position, it can be installed in front of a berth or a window.

How to choose your bed barrier?

- Opt for a bed rail with double interlocking hinges to prevent your toddler from opening it himself.

- Bet on a folding model so that you can take it with you for your holidays or your trips out of the house.

- Use bed rails made of transparent mesh to better monitor your child while in bed.
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