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The bed is, for many, one of the most sacred places in the home and where we spend many hours of our day. Although we look mainly at the comfort of the mattress, having adequate bedding can make a difference. The sheets and pillows can accumulate a lot of microbes and bacteria, so, even if you wash them often, it is very important to change them every so often.

What products can I find?

Dress your bed with the clothes and accessories that best express your personality and acquire a pillow that gives you the best quality of sleep. In our catalog you can find curtains of canopies, bedspreads, covers mattresses, quilts, various covers, blankets and bedspreads.

How to choose the bedding

To know what bedding to buy you have to take into account the following factors:

• Materials: You can find bed linens of different materials. For example, if you choose silk sheets, you have to keep in mind that their touch is usually soft and fresh. Or that the great advantage of choosing sheets made of a mixture of cotton and polyester is that they do not wrinkle or shrink.

• Size: Keep in mind that you should buy the bedding thinking about the measurements of yours. In all the products you can find the size of each piece indicated.

• Design: The bedding, in addition to a comfort element that favors your rest, is an element of decoration for your room. Choose the model that best fits the style of your bedroom.

• If you opt for white bedding, wash it with products that favor the permanence of its original white tone to keep it for longer.