Bike Backpacks

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Bicycle backpack - a practical companion when cycling

If you are cycling, you always have something to transport: shopping is common in the city, and you need rain gear, drinks, and food on the bike ride. A bicycle rucksack frees your hands and transports your belongings on your bike across the city - or the country.

Which bicycle backpack fits which project?

A bicycle backpack is perfect in the city to carry small purchases and everything you need in everyday life. It is also available as a padded version for a notebook. A waterproof bike backpack is the best solution for bike tours. Depending on how much you transport or how long your tour lasts, you will find different sizes: from the small city rucksack to the big trekking bike rucksack.

How to choose a bicycle backpack?

- For which occasion do you need the bike backpack? If it's a bike ride, it should be watertight and have a separate compartment for a water bottle that you can get on well while driving.

- How big should the bike backpack be? For use in the city usually a small to medium sized backpack is sufficient. If it is on a longer tour, it should have more volume, so that there is enough space for provisions, rain and change clothes as well as enough water.

- Which design do you want? Bicycle rucksacks are available in sporty outdoor variants and in fresh, colorful colors - your taste decides!