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Bicycle helmets are there to make cycling safer for you. Especially falls on the forehead and on the temple are usually life threatening. It is all the more important that your bike helmet fits well and sits properly. But what makes a well-fitting bicycle helmet?

How bicycle helmets should sit

As a general rule, the bicycle helmet can only protect you if it fits properly and is the right size. This means first that he must neither scrub, press nor pinch.

In addition, he should sit horizontally on your head and not be pulled forward or backward. Many bicycle helmets have a so-called head ring, which is adjustable in size. You can tighten this so that the helmet sits stably on your head. When you have done this, close the chinstrap. The chinstrap should be 1.5 inches from the chin. In addition, the closure should not sit directly under the chin, but rather a little laterally. The last step is adjusting the belt triangle. This should be relatively tight around the ear, but it should not touch the ear.

If you perform all these steps properly, the cycling helmet should best protect you in the event of a fall.

Bicycle helmets for different needs

Bicycling can be a hobby, a passionate sport, but also a means of getting around to work, college or school. In addition to the "normal" bicycle helmets for the average cyclist, there are also BMX helmets, skater helmets and many others.

If you are a passionate BMX rider, the BMX helmet is obviously the right one. In addition to the BMX helmets, there are also so-called downhill helmets, which are particularly suitable for downhill extreme athletes.

In addition, a distinction is made between helmets for women, men and children and city, e-bike, road bike and mountain bike helmets. There are not only different helmets for different types of cycling, but also many different sizes and designs. It is up to you to decide which design and which style suits you best.

The right bicycle helmet for your child

Many children ride their bikes to school, to friends in the afternoon or to football training. To help keep your child properly protected and not to worry, here are some tips and advice to keep in mind when buying a bicycle helmet for your child.

As described above, the bike helmet should fit and sit properly. What that means you can read in the first section of this text.

In addition, you should make sure that the bicycle helmet have a jamming protection on the chin strap, so that your child does not injure himself unnecessarily when putting on and taking off the helmet. Also note that the chin strap is easy to use and your child can put on and take off the helmet without your help.

Sufficient vents are important to keep your child from getting too hot under the helmet. That would mean that it does not like to wear the helmet, which would lead to unnecessary discussions. Protective nets on the louvers are just as important as they protect against unwelcome intruders, such as insects.

Since the primary goal is to protect your child and provide more safety, it is important to pay attention to the test marks. These are on the one hand the CE mark and on the other hand the norm reference EN 1078.

If your child is unfortunately involved in a fall in a bicycle accident, you should definitely replace the bicycle helmet, even if it looks undamaged. After a fall with the bicycle helmet, the safety could be reduced and you should immediately counteract this with a new bicycle helmet. Only in this way can you ensure that your children continue to drive safely on the road.