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Binoculars to see very far

Watch your favorite artists in concert or athletes in action in a stadium as if they were close to you with binoculars. It is a device with two glasses that can see objects, people, animals or landscapes far away as if they were nearby. On the market, the supply of binoculars is very abundant. Therefore, making a choice between the multitude of available models is not easy.

How to choose your binoculars?

One will choose his binoculars according to their capacity to enlarge the image and to offer beautiful views. To do this, learn the meaning of the numbers in the form a x b. The number "a" that precedes the "x" is the magnification factor, or power. A 10x35 lens will allow you to see your target in a form 10 times larger, while a 7x50 lens will make things appear 7 times larger. The mistake would be to buy the most magnifying binoculars because they diminish the visual field. The recommended magnifications are 10 or 8 times. The second number "b" is the diameter in millimeters of the "big end" of the lens. The more "b" is important, the more the camera captures light and provides a good view. The devices with the largest diameters are heavy and difficult to transport. This is why diameters from 30 to 50mm are most often recommended. The next step is to examine the lenses to determine the quality of the images. Glass lenses provide a good quality image, but are often more expensive than others. Plastic lenses are sold cheaper. As a last resort, examine the eyepieces. Choose binoculars that have rubber protectors around the eye lenses. This allows a better adjustment of the eyepiece near the eyes. If you wear glasses, look for a pair of binoculars with retractable or removable protections.
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