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Liven up your garden and protect the wildlife with a nesting box

The robin is not the only winged creature that brings joy and elevates the mood. Many small birds could settle on their nesting box in the garden and certainly make for a smile. Whether attached to the tree or stake, a large box for a colony or a couple of a particular species, nesting boxes for birds are a delightful addition to the outdoors for the well-being of a fascinating creature.

Nest boxes are available in a variety of designs designed to attract a wide variety of birds, from the small finch to the big swallow. These range from a simple platform with a suspended roof to decorated dwellings, which are modeled after fire stations, farms or beach houses. Most of the available variants have the necessary characteristics to attract certain birds and provide them with a protective haven.

Nesting boxes for birds should have thick walls for good thermal insulation and be made of untreated wood to be free of toxins. Clay or lightweight concrete are good materials because they are both safe and rustproof. Nesting boxes should also be fixed with stainless screws and the roof bevelled and reach far enough to protect the entrance hole from rain. There should also be holes for ventilation and drainage, as well as a floor slightly higher to keep the nest material dry. To protect against the ingress of predators, the box should have no perch and be equipped with a grille or partition.

Another factor is the size of the input hole. Smaller holes will keep big birds away. Wider entrances attract larger birds, but may expose small birds to attacks of the same kind. Small tits and nuthatches fit in openings of only 3.5 cm. For owls holes from 7.5 cm are suitable. Equally important to attract certain bird species is the place where the nesting box hangs. Some birds prefer certain natural habitats. Therefore some boxes should be hidden in bushes and foliage and others should be oriented on open ground or attached to trees.

Good research is important to find the nesting boxes for the birds you want to attract. Boxes are available with features for many species of birds in every style you could wish for. Nesting boxes offer the protection and security that birds need to bring joy to their garden.