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Cooking is a most enjoyable and enjoyable task provided that you have the best accessories at hand to shape dishes capable of conquering anyone. Within the kitchen equipment must be pieces such as a pump or a hand or cup blender, an item that has now reached an incredible power that adapts to all types of food to achieve results difficult to believe does not a lot.

Thus, whether it is a hand-held model or a glass model, the reality is that this small appliance achieves great results in the most diverse jobs, even being able to crush ice or crush the most resistant foods. It is advisable to have portable cups or shake rods to shape many dishes. Needless to say, they can use fruit and vegetables to prepare very healthy and delicious dishes, everything to make cooking fun, enjoyable and, of course, very simple.

How is a blender used? How to clean a blender?

Using one of the most widespread appliances in the world can seem simple. However, nothing is further from reality, and that is that there are many occasions when a device is used that is capable of offering spectacular results for many tasks in the kitchen. To begin with, the blenders should not be running for long periods. That is, the action of beating or chopping must be carried out in short processes, all to prevent the engine from overheating and end up generating some damage. Similarly, either with a cup device or with a handheld one, the food should be lightly chopped previously so that the shredding is more comfortable, faster and more efficient, something that will directly affect the quality of the prepared dishes.

To clean your blender, something essential so that its operation does not suffer in anything, you must follow a few simple steps. If your model is glass, it is advisable that once you have finished preparing anything, pour some hot water with a dishwasher and activate the blender to create a foam that leaves no trace of dirt. On the other hand, if your blender is an arm blender, you should apply it carefully to remove the last remaining food, especially from the area of ​​the blender blades.

How to choose a blender?

- Look closely at the materials that are made of the areas that will come into contact with the food to be beaten and always choose those that use stainless steel. There are models with plastic blades or other materials but they do not ensure the same performance or the same protection of the cooked products.

- The power is fundamental in a blender so that the processing of food is quick and easy. A power of 600 W is ideal, although there are lower performance models that will also ensure ideal results if you do not introduce too compact products in them.

- Weight is essential in a hand blender. In the glass it does not matter so much, but in the previous ones it is essential so that you can manage with it without any problem and in a completely comfortable way.

- Check that your new blender has multiple functions is very important, since it is the key to the appliance adapts to any use you want to give it.
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