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For the first time, those who have crashed into waves with a bodyboard have succumbed to the addiction: defying the forces of nature in the sun, the beach, salt water and the sea and allowing themselves to be carried away by the immense power of the sea, the foaming salt water around them To taste and to feel the adrenaline in the body is the dream of many bodyboarders. The enthusiasm for this water sport is growing, also because getting into the sport is easy and fast. To ride the perfect wave, you only need sea, sun and the right bodyboard.

On which bodyboard can you best surf?

On the open water, the bodyboard is at the same time best friend, adrenaline bomb and rescue island. Although the cost of materials is low, there are some basic criteria that beginners and experienced surfers should be aware of:

• Material: Widely used is the EPS core, a highly compressed styropos. For beginners and children it is best suited, as soon as higher waves are ridden, you should choose a more robust core, for example made of polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP). The underside should be as smooth and resistant as possible.

• Shape: The shape of the bodyboard has a significant influence on the driving characteristics. For beginners, the Swallowtail or Crescent Tail, a crescent-shaped convex curve at the rear edge, which ensures optimal support of the body boarder and increases the controllability. Experienced bodyboarders can grab the Bat Tail, which reacts directly to small impulses. The wider the nose, ie the front edge of the bodyboard, the better and more controlled you slide on the shaft. A narrower nose is more manoeuvrable, offering lower water resistance.

• Size: The bodyboard should reach down to your waist. The tendency is to buy a bodyboard that is too big. If it is too small, it does not provide enough surface and buoyancy to take a wave.

• Care: Reduce direct sunlight to a minimum so that the plastic will not age faster under UV radiation and the board will not be deformed by heat.
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