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Flowers are suitable for any occasion, whether for birthdays or for the wedding. But for the beautification of everyday life bouquets are always welcome. They bring color and life to every room.

Which bouquet is suitable for which occasion?

It is not just the flower itself that carries its own meaning. When giving away, it is also the colors and the size of the bouquet that should be selected exactly.

• Red flowers stand for love, lust and passion. Pure red bouquets should therefore be given away exclusively in love relationships. Of course, this applies mainly to red roses, but also tulips, gerberas, dahlias and carnations are among the varieties of flowers that stand for love and are therefore perfect for Valentine's Day or the birthday of the partner.

• For birthdays are also flowers that symbolize joie de vivre and friendship. These include tulips, sunflowers, roses, gladioli or gerberas.

• Personal preferences and the season can also be taken into account when choosing the right flowers for the bouquet. Basically, the less you know the person, the more neutral and discreet you should keep the bouquet.

Flowers in autumn and winter

The high-season of flowers is of course spring and summer, but even in the colder seasons you can give away flowers.

In autumn, nature trumps again with a great sea of ​​colors. Warm, golden colors, matching the orange leaves that slowly fall from the trees, conjure up a cozy ambience. In winter it's amaryllis, poinsettia and other seasonal cut flowers that lighten the darkest of seasons. Especially popular for decoration is eucalyptus.