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Boxing is such an ancient discipline that, according to Greek mythology, the first boxing gloves were sewn directly by a deity. The first gloves were simple strips of thick leather that covered the knuckles; the modern fingerless form spread to England in the seventeenth century. Nowadays some models have replaced the original lacing with the most practical Velcro.

How to choose boxing gloves

The boxing gloves are made of synthetic materials, imitation leather and real leather. Depending on the type of training or combat discipline you want to practice, different types of gloves are available:

● Bag gloves: they are gloves of the traditional shape, they are light but very resistant. The thumb is free and not covered by padding since they are models not designed for meetings in the ring and therefore not suitable for parrying shots.

● Combat gloves: they are different for padding, size and weight depending on the type of competition in which they must be used. The thumb is always padded to avoid injuries, but the models for amateur combat have a thicker padding to better cushion the blows and avoid the KOs and are equipped with Velcro closure. Professional combat gloves must instead be equipped with a lacing closure.

● Sparring gloves: these are the training gloves and can therefore have Velcro or laces. They are heavier and larger than the combat gloves because they are more padded and allow you to train in complete safety, minimizing the risk of injury.

● Open hand gloves: Contrary to the name, they have the shape of the classic glove with the four fingers wrapped. The light weight and the leaner shape favor the execution of techniques in agility and speed, and are therefore used in light contact disciplines such as some martial arts.

● Grappling gloves: cover with the padding only the back of the hand leaving the fingers completely free; they are useful in light workouts to verify the execution of the blows and in disciplines that allow the athlete to make gripping techniques.

● Impact gloves: they are useful to assist the training of the partner by directing the shots, but also for training in the parades.
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