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There's nothing like a barbecue on a nice warm summer evening. You sit together with the best at food and drink and enjoy the weather and the atmosphere. However divide on so many grilled dishes the spirits. Should be extinguished with beer or not? How often is the steak turned? And and and. A question arises even before it really starts: charcoal or briquettes?

The briquette has its name because it is a product of the so-called briquetting. The shredded raw material is pressed into uniform shapes. This is done with the briquetting press. Incidentally, pellets are produced in exactly the same way, with only the shape being smaller. The diameter is less than two centimeters.

Briquettes are not only used for barbecues. They are also a popular heating medium. Especially the combination of wood and lignite briquettes is popular. The local stove can be used optimally.

What's better briquettes or charcoal?

But first back to the ever-popular barbecue. What should it be here? Charcoal or better briquettes? For this it is important to understand the difference. Charcoal on one side is a natural product. It arises when charring wood. In turn, briquettes are pressed, as already described above. For this purpose, small charcoal pieces are mixed with binders. These include corn or potato starch. This mixture is still moist after pressing and must be dried.

Which of the two heating media is used depends on what you want to prepare. Charcoal ignites faster and burns at a higher temperature. That's why she is very popular with amateur grills, because it's just faster. Briquettes are used when the process takes longer. They burn more difficult and not so hot. But they have the advantage of keeping you a steady temperature longer. They are used, for example, in the Watersmoker or the ball grill.

Here is a little tip on the edge. No matter what type of briquette you use, ensure the correct storage. Moisture should be avoided here, whether charcoal or briquettes. For storage use, for example, the boiler room. There it is usually dry and warm.

How are briquettes best lit?

The best way to make briquettes burn quickly and safely is to light the fire. Put enough paper in and fill the cylinder with briquettes two-thirds. The suction effect of the fireplace makes the rest after lighting. Nevertheless, caution is advised. The cylinders are often very hot. Keep your distance and do not burn your fingers. After 15 to 20 minutes the briquettes are ready and can be put into the grill. Mix them with a few remaining pieces. After another 20 minutes, you have the right glow for the full grilling success.

How do I correctly use briquettes in the fireplace?

Briquettes store the heat in the stove for a long time. This is just like the grill. This saves you from constantly adding wood. However, you should use this to heat the stove. If the wood has formed a good ember bed, you can hang up the briquettes. But which should it be? As you can see in our hardware store, a distinction is made between hardwood, softwood and lignite briquettes. The lignite and hardwood variants are harder to ignite. But they also burn longer and thus keep the heat in the room. Both are well suited for use in the stove. Also, the briquette made of softwood is not bad here. However, they burn down faster and have to be refilled more often.