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Capable of supporting a capacity of up to several tons, the loading ramps make the loading and unloading operations profitable and secure. Robust and easy to store, they are in the form of an inclined pan. Very useful in situations where the handling is regular, they allow the passage between two levels of different height.

Rigid or collapsible loading ramps?

Particularly reliable, the rigid ramps are very suitable for loading golf carts or small excavators. Made of stainless steel or aluminum, they will serve you for many years. On their side, foldable aluminum ramps provide an effective and lightweight technical solution. They can easily be stored in a closet in the garage, making it easy to load sportsbikes, quads, construction machines or lawn tractors.

How to choose its loading ramps?

- Calculate the total weight to load. To do this, take into account the curb weight of the machine, the weight of its equipment, as well as your own weight.

- Select your ramps according to the height difference of the threshold to be crossed. Ideally, the loading slope should be 30%. Evaluate the length of your ramp to get this angle.

- Opt for aluminum models with a non-slip tread to enjoy quality grip.

- Choose aluminum ramps with rubberized fingers to avoid damaging your supports.
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