Camping Chairs

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Why not rhyme "eating out" with "comfort"? If the camping stool is the most easily transportable seat, a chair will allow you to combine convenience and relaxation.

What is a camping chair?

A camping chair is a fabric seat with a light foldable frame, a backrest and possibly armrests. Folded, it is often contained in a pocket to be stored more easily.

How to choose a camping chair?

Here are the different aspects to consider when choosing your camping chair.

• Clutter: The height of the seat varies depending on the chair model. The high seats are more comfortable, but take up more space. For a minimum space requirement, opt for a low chair.

• The armrests: they add to the weight of the chair, but provide a significant comfort. In addition, they can be equipped with cup holders to hold your glass, especially useful if you are on a sandy or windy terrain (at the beach, for example).

• The height of the backrest: some models of camping chairs have a high backrest, often with a headrest to relax.

• The footrest: If you want a lounge chair that can be easily transported, some camping chairs include a footrest that allows you to lie down at nap time.

• Children's models: There are many models of children's chairs with the image of their favorite heroes. These can be handy for providing a good sized seat for your child in places that do not.
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