Camping Electric Pumps

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Electric pumps are a very useful tool that will make quick and easy some of the operations that must be carried out when going to the campsite or to the sea with the family. Consider, for example, the mattresses on which to sleep on the campsite, the dinghies for the sea or all the other inflatable items such as beach balls, armrests and children's paddling pools. However, it can also be very useful at home, to prepare inflatable beds for guests to rest on.

How to choose electric pumps

One of the main criteria for choosing between the various models on the market is the type of power supply. First of all, there are models with rechargeable batteries included, the advantage of which is clear in terms of portability. There are also models without batteries that can be powered by attaching them to the mains or even to the cigarette lighter of the car. Their advantage lies in being remarkably small, so much so that they are in one hand. However, if you do not have a car and are not sure if you can have an electrical outlet, it is better to focus on battery-powered models.

Another factor is the power and quantity of the augels included with the pump. The power will affect the inflation speed, while the number of different sized jaws to choose from will affect the number and variety of items that can be inflated: a dinghy or pair of armrests in fact do not have valves of the same diameter.

Some models can also be used to deflate, as they have an exhaust port that sucks in the air: they are therefore useful for storing your inflatable items in a suitcase in a short time.

Other models then have a pressure gauge and automatically lock when the item to be inflated has reached the desired pressure.

For those who are organizing a party and have to create games and decorations with balloons, special pumps are available that can quickly inflate up to four balloons at a time.
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