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What better than cots and hammocks to go on an adventure or just have a good time relaxing? Ideal for relaxing in the sun, taking a nap outdoors, spending a peaceful night camping or under the stars, they can lie comfortably and are sometimes necessary when you can not lie down or put a mattress on the floor. These light, easy-to-store and transport-themed beds, made from military equipment, make it possible to sleep anywhere, even in tropical areas or on rough terrain, while being protected from moisture, pebbles and crawling insects. . Comfort and robustness of materials, ease of installation and design are all criteria to consider before deciding to equip his garden or go on a trip.

How to install a hammock?

Sleeping in a hammock is sometimes the best solution to enjoy a pleasant moment of rest or a peaceful night's sleep, sheltered from the irregularities of the ground, the damp cold of the night and insects or other undesirable animals ... As long as it is correctly fixed and installed so as to benefit from optimal comfort and maximum safety. To obtain an ideal angle, it is first of all essential to measure the distance between the two fixing points necessary for the installation of the hammock: between two trees, two walls, or between a tree and a rock wall for example. Multiply this distance by 1.2 and extend your hammock with 2 strings to get this total length. The ideal height of the attachment points is 1.80 meters, or at least 45% of the length of the hammock. It is recommended to fasten both loops at the same height for better comfort. The hammock tends to lengthen with use (up to 15% of its original size). This is why you will have to shorten the ropes regularly in order to always leave a minimum distance between the loaded hammock and the ground (20 to 40 cm). However, be careful not to stretch too much the hammock that would lose comfort.

How to choose your cot or hammock?

- Bet more on a camp bed if you have a rather restless sleep: you will fall lower than a hammock in case of a fall.

- Choose a foldable camp bed if you prefer the speed of installation to the quality of the bedding. A classic style with interlocking rods or a hammock will require some time and some technique to install your bed.

- Choose natural materials and bright colors if the camp bed or hammock are for your garden, terrace or veranda.

- Check the weight that the cot or hammock can withstand before sleeping one or more people.

- Test the camp bed with inflatable mattress, which allows you to lie comfortably anywhere, exactly as if you were at home.