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If you are a lover of outdoor sports, you like to go hiking or camping, the headlights are an excellent accessory that can not miss in your backpack.

These elements help us to have greater visibility and safety when performing certain types of activities and extreme sports, especially during the hours when there is less natural light.

What is a headlamp?

The headlights remind us of the helmets that were used for certain technical professional tasks, such as mining. They helped to have a better visibility of the way to go, and they were essential to illuminate the work area well.

The most modern and current are no longer incorporated in a helmet. They usually use our own head as a fastening element, through straps, leaving the bulb just in the front area, as its name suggests. In this way, this accessory gives us greater freedom when performing any type of exercise or activity, since it will not be necessary to hold a flashlight with your hands to illuminate a specific area.

How to choose a headlamp?

The main thing when choosing a headlamp for camping or activities such as hiking, is to take into account the battery life, the power of light, and the weight of this accessory:

• The battery should have enough autonomy to provide light during the time we are going to do the activity, so that we do not stay in the dark in the middle of the mountain if we are completing a route, for example. Therefore, we must opt ​​for front lanterns with long-lasting batteries. Some come equipped with multiple charging modes, such as batteries, a charger for the car, wall charger or a USB cable, so we can always recharge if we are running out of battery.

• The power of the light is also an element to consider: It must have enough strength and energy to illuminate the meters of range necessary to develop our activity. Some models come with a single focus of LED technology, while others opt for several flashlights. They are also usually equipped with various types of light, such as white light, red emergency light, or flicker mode. For example, the Petzl headlamp is ideal for dynamic and intense activities, such as running, mountaineering or ski mountaineering. It usually analyzes the luminous characteristics that exist in the environment at that moment, and adapts the luminous power to the needs that the user may have when carrying out the activity.

• As for the weight of this accessory, we must opt ​​for a fairly light one. In this way, we will hardly notice that we carry it neither in the backpack nor on our head, and it will allow us to carry out sports activities in a comfortable way. In addition, we must take into account the material of the fastening belts. The ideal thing is that the tape is elastic and soft, so that it does not tighten or cause chafing when worn.

Also, there are many front lanterns made of waterproof and water resistant materials. In this way, we will not have problems that are harmed by rain or any activity where you can splash water.

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