Camping Knives & Tools

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Those who love nature and spend time in it know that equipment is essential to avoid surprises and unforeseen events. Thus, the multipurpose tools, the tactical flashlights and, of course, the knives are fundamental pieces that can never be missing in a compact camping bag. Situations to use a razor will not be lacking if you spend time outdoors. Of course, always choose models that are of quality and have resistant sheets made of stainless steel or similar materials to prevent weathering or prolonged use can end their characteristics.

How to sharpen knives?

Camping knives often have to deal with very hard materials such as wood and the like. Thus, to ensure that your sheet is always in perfect condition you need to sharpen it from time to time. Having a whetstone at home can make this task simple. However, to go camping or to practice outdoor sports, it is best to have pocket sharpeners that can be used at any time.

How to choose knives?

- The size of the blade of your knife is essential. There are small ones of less than 7 cm or large ones of more than 10 cm. The intermediate point is usually the most balanced in terms of strength, weight and comfort of use.

- That the blade of the knife is completely stainless is something you have to make sure. When using it outdoors, if you do not comply with this requirement you will see how your razor rapidly loses its properties.