Camping Sleeping Gear

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Camping is an opportunity to be outdoors and experience an adventure in contact with nature. But who said that an adventurous experience must necessarily be uncomfortable? When the time comes to retire to the tent, at the end of a hike in the mountains or a day of fishing, everyone wants to sleep on a comfortable and comfortable bed. Here then are accessories and items available to sleep peacefully even when you are outdoors.

Types of camping accessories

The first item to buy for the night is the sleeping bag. They are made of synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester, are light but at the same time thermally and moisture insulated, offering protection from the wind. And when it is time to wake up or to leave, they are easy to fold and store in special bags. There are spring and autumn models, which thermally insulate up to 5 °, while for those who venture into the mountains or stay outdoors in the winter months, padded models are recommended. For couples there are also double squares.

The sleeping bag is used to protect from cold and humidity, but to guarantee a comfortable and comfortable sleep, something more is needed: a mattress or a mat. The mats are generally inflatable and, like the sleeping bags, are designed to be stored in a small space when they are no longer needed. Insulating mats instead, in neoprene, are rather thin, are suitable for soft soils and are easily rolled up and unrolled.

To give the right support to the head, you can also buy inflatable cushions, if not already included in the mattress. All these items can be inflated either by mouth or using a pump, manual or electric. Finally, for campsites in the warmer months or even just for a picnic, practical thermal, thin and waterproof blankets are available.