Camshaft Position Sensors

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Together with the crankshaft sensor you will find the camshaft sensor in the engine control area. The two sensors are input signals for the synchronization of internal combustion engine and engine control unit.

The camshaft sensor is located on the side of the cylinder head and detects the shaft speed. For this purpose, a sensor scans a sprocket on the camshaft. This is important for precise fuel injection, which ensures environmentally friendly and safe combustion.

How do I know if the camshaft sensor is broken?

For many car drivers, the camshaft sensor is one of the components that you really notice when it breaks. But a defective sensor does not negatively affect the ride comfort and safety of the car - and ultimately your safety. A fault in this area affects the entire engine and ignition system. The consequences are far-reaching and can go as far as failure of the engine.

Possible symptoms of a defect are:

• A glowing engine indicator light

• The activation of the emergency program of the engine

• Error codes are displayed

• An increased fuel consumption

• Problems starting the engine

• Speed ​​fluctuations

• loss of power

What causes can a defect have?

As so often, there are several options for considering causes. Not infrequently, they are defective contacts that no longer function properly due to corrosion or moisture. It may also be interrupted cables, broken eyelets, engine room temperature problems or internal short circuits. Even mechanical causes, such as a broken sensor wheel or broken teeth on the gear, can lead to problems with the camshaft sensor.

The exact diagnosis as well as the replacement of the sensor are best done in the specialist workshop, because you need special tools for these tasks. The fault memory must be read out, the camshaft sensor and all lines and plugs must be thoroughly examined. For the control of the electrical connections, the person skilled in the art uses a so-called ohmmeter. The signals from the sensor are then visualized with an oscilloscope.