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In furnishing the rooms with elegant colored or perfumed candles, a fundamental accessory to prevent the wax from ruining the surfaces and at the same time to embellish the candles with style is certainly the candle holder.

The variety of candles available on the market or hand-crafted as a hobby and passion also implies a wide range of candle holders, which adapt to the different needs of shape, space and material, marrying with design and style to furnishing the spaces in which one decides to place the candles.

How to choose candle holders

When choosing the right candle holder for your needs, consider the occasion of use, the space but above all the type of candle you want to use.

The elegant lanterns for decorative candles are ideal for enclosing candles to be placed outside, in the garden as on the terrace but also inside, on the shelf of windows or fireplaces, to illuminate special evenings in company or create atmosphere.

Candlesticks and chandeliers are instead a timeless classic to add style to dinner tables, whether the candles are more or less lit. Precious in gold and silver or colored in transparent plastic, with their designs and shapes, this type of candle holder is suitable for all occasions and constitutes a furnishing element even in dining rooms and kitchens, to be placed on antique or modern furniture.

The candle bowls, in sets or in single pieces decorated with the most varied patterns, are ideal for single candles or small candles to be placed in the room or living room: in glass, plastic or ceramic, they are also an original and creative gift idea.

For those who then need to light some candles in memory of their loved ones or for special occasions, the light holders are the practical solution to place the candles in the corner that you prefer.

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