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To paint in the dark of the night Vincent Van Gogh used a funny hat surrounded by lighted candles fixed with simple clips.

Already in use among ancient peoples, the first candles were used almost exclusively for religious purposes. Made of hemp rope wrapped in pitch or animal fat, their cost was too high to be affordable for everyone. Then, in the course of history, the most widespread object of illumination, it is with the advent of electricity that candles have mostly taken on an ornamental function.

Suitable for a thousand circumstances, they are one of the most common elements of decoration in our homes. A burning candle is able to create unique atmospheres and also to remove bad odors or the presence of insects.

How a candle is made

A candle is a cylinder, usually of wax or paraffin, with a wick in cotton or linen with woven or twisted fibers in the center. The wick is called "lucignolo" in technical jargon and is soaked in an acid substance or in a saline solution, to favor a uniform combustion. What looks like a very simple object is actually made of delicate proportions. In order to have an optimal lighting and a uniform melting of the wax, the wick must be placed exactly in the center of the cylinder and be of the right proportions with respect to the wax cylinder.

There are various techniques for making wax and paraffin candles, the most common being mold casting. The high temperature liquid wax is poured into molds heated to 65 degrees and then cooled with cold water.

Types of candles

There are candles of many shapes, colors and sizes:

• Candles for the home: they are suitable for decorating any type of environment. Among these, scented candles whose fragrance offers a much more delicate fragrance than common room deodorants. There are also candles with special aromas designed to cover unpleasant odors.

• Outdoor candles: generally large, they illuminate terraces and gardens, creating a magical atmosphere for outdoor nights. In some fragrances, such as citronella, they are useful for keeping insects away.

• The candles: the emblem of every birthday party, they are a small accessory that can be found in all forms: classic, for children, with letters, numbers, symbols and "magic", those that do not go out on the first blow.

• Electric candles: the charm of candles is combined with the practicality of electric bulbs, creating a functional and decorative object at the same time. Electric candles, which can also be purchased with LEDs or remote control, have the advantage of not dirtying and not dangerous for children and animals.

Numerous accessories can be combined with candles: candle holders, useful not only for aesthetic purposes but also to protect your furniture and your home from the dangers of hot wax; candelabra, suitable for decorating large tables in moments of celebration; extinguish candles, indispensable in the case of large candles such as garden candles.

Are you looking for candles or ideas to furnish your home?

In this collection, wicks and molds are also available to build DIY candles at home, choosing your favorite colors, scents and shapes.