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Who said that the treats are only for children? We have all surrendered to the delicious cotton candy, that sweet spongy and irresistible to the palate that gets Let's suck our fingers. From now on, with a cotton candy machine you can prepare your favorite temptation in the comfort of your home for special holidays or for those times when you simply call gluttony.

How to choose the most suitable cotton candy machine?

Before purchasing one, you should pay attention to the following details:

• Material: There are, mainly, plastic and metal or stainless steel. Choose one that is resistant, since this way you can extend its useful life.

• Design: You can find simple, retro or modern designs.

• Cleaning: There are models that allow you to disassemble your machine to clean it easily.

• Power: You must have a minimum of 400 watts, so that the bowl reaches sufficient turning power and can transform liquid sugar into cotton.

How does a cotton candy machine work?

The operation of these tools is very basic. First, make sure you have the necessary ingredients: sugar and edible coloring. Both must be introduced into the small device in the center of the machine, where they are heated and melted. Afterwards, the liquid will be filtered through holes and deposited in the central bowl of the machine. This bowl is designed to rotate at a high speed and, due to centrifugal force, the liquid will solidify as it enters into contact with the air, forming a fine threads reminiscent cotton. In a few minutes, we can serve the cotton candy in a stick or container.
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